Optieye Care Collaborates With Sale Rotary Once More

Updated: May 13, 2020

Optieye Care opticians Altrincham have been extremely supportive of the Rotary Club of Sale and our campaigns, they have helped Sale Rotary raise awareness of End Polio, and recently through our Purple4Polio campaign has purchased crocus corms to create a lovely window display.

Most recently however, they have sponsored a Rotarian to participate in the Rise Against Hunger meal pack, and have also expressed interest in the Shoe Aid Appeal.

The owners of Optieye Care reside in Sale, whilst their business is expanding across the United Kingdom, such as their Altrincham residence as shown in the attached picture, and also in Gorton and most recently Baguley.

Optieye Care will be supporting the Shoe Aid appeal by using the locations for the donation boxes.

Rotary Club of Sale would like to thank Zahida of Optieye Care for their continued and ongoing support, their devotion to such causes is inspiration to us all.

Pictured below is Rotarian of Sale, Karen [left], with Zahida of Optieye Care [right] in front of their Altrincham branch.

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