Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Rotary was visited by a charity called Act4Africa recently, Barbara Blaber who is the finance administrator for the charity came and did a talk, where the club learnt more about the charity and its work.

The charities origins can be read about from their website below.

Barbara presented a fantastic speech, which detailed the charities work, which involve getting young girls into school. Her speech was incredibly informative, and detailed such things as the cycle of denied education and how it affects young children and communities. The charity, as part as their push for education, created a series of TfD programs which educated communities on sexual and STD health.

The night was a great success, Rotary awarded Barbara a donation to her charity

Barbara Blaber is pictured below, stood next to David Williams First Vice President and Head of Public Image [middle] and Martin Smedley Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Act4Africa [right].

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