3rd of March : The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Guest Speaker Mr David G. Poppitt

Meeting Information

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Guest Speaker Mr David G. Poppitt MSc Mibiol MlstF F-IDPE

On the 3rd of March 2020, a guest speaker by the name of David G. Poppitt came to the club to discuss his work in and with the Christie hospital.

The speech detailed the wonderful history of the hospital, allowing members to reflect on the past public's perception of cancer and its current, and allowed for a open discourse on cancer and the hospital. David G. Poppitt delivered a fantastic speech which captured the hearts of Sale Rotarians, inspiring hope within us and certainly for those around us when we discuss the things we learnt such as that ;

· Breast Cancer now has a above 80% survival rate.

· The amazing team that works there are able to fundraise millions for the hospital every year.

· That the future development plans of the hospital include a 10 story research centre and a new car park.

· How The Christie is the largest single site cancer centre in Europe.

· How citizens in The Isle Of Man will no longer have to travel for long distances as a cancer unit will be built there.

· The importance of the recent T-Cell discovery, and how it could change the way cancer is currently treated.

The talk also allowed Sale Rotarian's to reflect on the prevalent postcode lottery for health services, and how we are humbled and lucky that we live in such an area. The speech was inspiring, uplifting and inspired hope within ourselves for a better, perhaps cancer free future.

We would like to again thank David Poppitt for his speech, who is pictured above holding his certificate [left] with our Club President John Alcock [Right].

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